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Artist management is an essential role to the career musician. A manager provides measured attention to detail allowing the artist creative focus.

Music Managers work with the artist to develop a business plan for their career path, setting financial budgets and detailed timelines to ensure desired targets are less of a challenge as they pursue their goals and aspirations on their route to success.

The challenges are many: from bookings and showcase submissions to publicity and promotion. The complexity of the music industry requires strict attention and a detailed plan, along with the ability to be flexible, in order to adapt to the evolving market. Social media has become a strong tool and digital distribution provides the ability to carry the artists’ music to regions of the world that in the past required the Goliath strength of major record labels.

FMP Matrix Artist Managers are business professionals with years of experience from the legal and financial industries, as well as all spheres of the music industry.

Gail Ferguson
Vice President