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Since 1999, Studio FMP (Ferguson Music Productions) has been providing music recording and audio engineering services as well as multi-media production. Studio FMP is conveniently located in the Halifax/Dartmouth area. Interested in recording?  We offer recording services from voiceovers to full album productions. You can visit our client list to listen to recording samples including award nominated and winning recordings from some of Canada’s most talented artists.



Music recording – Solo artist:

Whether you are planning an acoustic project with just voice and guitar or a full production with all the bell and whistles, we put the same care and attention to the experience. We can also bring in the best musicians for your recording. Years of experience have taught us the importance of having great chemistry in the studio and we are dedicated to bringing inspired musicians to your project who passionately enjoy and specialize in your style of music.


Music recording – Bands:

We have great belief in the magic that can happen with a well tuned musical unit and we strive to create an atmosphere that brings out the best a band has to offer. To this end, we pride ourselves in being prepared for sessions so you can be tracking as soon as possible with proper care given to each performer having their own customized headphone mix.


Producer /Arranger services:

Some artists have the creative vision and organizational planning for their project intact when coming into the studio. Those that need someone to facilitate these important details can consider themselves in great hands. Our production team is made up of veteran producer/ musicians who have not only an amazing track record but also a firm grasp of the care and patience necessary to bring someone’s musical dreams to life.


Live remote recording:

From rock gods and Choirs singing about God to acoustic folk and jazz demons, our 24 track remote recording set up is both highly portable and great sounding. We also work with you to plan out the set up and allow ample time and resources on the day of recording to get things right.


TV / Film and Corporate:

With an extensive understanding of video and audio post requirements along with years of voice over recording experience, you can be sure of the highest calibre of results, delivered when promised.

Ian Sherwood

I’ve worked in Studio FMP on many occasions and it’s been a blast every time. Most memorable was the recording of my second album “Art Of Conversation” released in 2007 which had Scott Ferguson featured as co-producer, engineer and drummer. The album was nominated for two East Coast Music Awards that year and is still a big seller at my live shows. Working in the studio is aways comfortable and professional. It becomes like working with family very quickly!

Ian Sherwood
Musician, Ian Sherwood Music

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Studio FMP for several years and have always appreciated the quality of my recordings when they are complete. Scott Ferguson has built a full service business that starts with a warm and welcoming creative atmosphere and while his gear is cutting edge, industry standard, he also knows how to use it.”


Dave Carroll
Musician & Songwriter, Dave Carroll Music

“Working with Scott at Studio FMP is always a joy. His vast knowledge on all things audio is impressive. His solid understanding of video post production is thorough and greatly appreciated. His genuine enthusiasm for each and every project, unparalleled”.



Lara Cassidy
- Producer / Director, Curve Productions Inc.
Dean Brody - Trail in Life

“…the vibe was cool but more importantly, the level of professionalism at FMP Matrix matched studios where I have worked in Nashville”



Dean Brody
Winner of best album, Songwriter and Song of the Year at CCMA 2011, Lead vocals for “Trail In LIfe” recorded at Studio FMP
Ryan Cook

“I have co-produced both of my albums at Studio FMP and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“Scott is my favourite producer to work with, a fine talent and a great person…he creates an environment in which I can make the record I want to make
without knowing how to do it myself”.


Newest CD “Peaks and Valleys” named Best Canadian Country Album of 2011 by
“The Country Music News”

Ryan Cook
Newest CD “Peaks and Valleys” named Best Canadian Country Album of 2011 by “The Country Music News”, Winner of best country album – Music NS 2008 and 2011

“I have continued to have a great experience at Studio FMP for years. Scott’s personable and caring persona and the quality of the facilities are second to none. He is extremely easy to work with. The equipment is superb and the studio is warm and beautiful. Scott goes way beyond the call of duty to provide the highest integrity and quality. I recommend Studio FMP without any reservations with my highest recommendations! I would encourage anyone to record their project there. I always look forward to getting in town and working at Studio FMP.”



Jeri Brown
Jazz vocalist, Department head of Jazz Vocals at Concordia University, Montreal.

“I had a great first recording experience at Studio FMP when I tracked songs for my debut album (“In My Bones”). It’s a well organized, pristine space with super supportive engineers who have a wealth of audio experience”.


Carmel Mikol
- “In My Bones” Album Nominated for three ECMAs,

“Putting your project in Scott’s hands, is a very Sound Investment. Great studio, great ears and sound sensibilities.”

Woody Woods
Musical Director – Nova Scotia Mass Choir, - Las Vegas based pianist and composer,

“Studio FMP has proven to be that next step and more. Scott is an absolute professional, and a pleasure to work with. Providing an excellent facility, great rates and most of all a tremendous ear for detail, Scott has been a huge help to the process of bringing our songs to their full potential. Scott is a patient collaborator, and most importantly a kind person, which made the process fun and fulfilling.”


Nathan Beeler
The Message, The Message

“The best part about having recorded at Studio FMP was the level of comfort in the studio. I didn’t have to shy away from exploring my own sonic horizons and Scott has the sensibility to encourage that, ultimately bringing out the best possible performance.”

Charlie A’Court
Multiple ECMA winner, Multiple ECMA winner


Recording Systems:

  • Cubase
  • Nuendo
  • Protools

Audio Processing:

  • UAD 2 with plug ins by Universal Audio, Neve, SSL, Studer and many more
  • Yamaha/Neve Portico Compresser and EQ plug ins
  • Yamaha Vintage Collection – EQ, Compressors, FX and Tape emulation
  • Antares Auto Tune
  • Melodyne Editor


  • Event,
  • Yamaha
  • KRK

Virtual instruments:

  • Steinberg
  • Native Instruments

Outboard Mic Preamps:

  • Grace,
  • TL audio
  • ART


  • AKG
  • Rode
  • Shure
  • Electrvoice


  • Korg SP 300 – 88 key weighted action

Drums and cymbals:

  • Gretsch american maple
  • Sabian Vault and HH

Audio Interfaces:

  • Yamaha/Steinberg AXR4 with Neve mic pre – 10 input
  • Yamaha/Steinberg 824 -8 simultaneous input
  • Yamaha/Steinberg 816 (x2)-16 input


Sons Of Maxwell

”Christmas Super Deluxe” recorded, mixed, mastered and
Produced by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Scott MacMillan

”The Bridge Rising” from the feature length BBC Documentary-recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Bob Lambert

”Margaritaville” recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Perpetual Detour

”Give” recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Rosanna and Clayton Burrill

”Better Things” recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Beyond The Wreck

”Gasoline” recorded by Chris Iannetti, mixed and mastered by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Brite Vu

”Restarted” Recorded and co produced at Studio FMP by Chris Iannetti. Mixed and mastered by Scott Ferguson

George Diamond

”You Raise Me Up” recorded, co produced by Scott Ferguson and Chris Iannetti, mixed and mastered by Scott Ferguson

Dean Brody

”Trail In Life”- Lead Vocals recorded at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Dave Carroll

”United Breaks Guitars” recorded, mixed, mastered and co produced at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Eileen Joyce

”He’s Got The Power” recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Dave Carroll

”All Matter Of Crazy” recorded, mixed and produced at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

Elizabeth Deveau

”Pearl Of Great Price” recorded, mixed, mastered and Produced by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Brian McConnell Quartet

”Brian McConnell Quartet” recorded, mixed, mastered and produced at Studio FMP by Scott Ferguson

The Message

”Forgiven” recorded, mixed, mastered and Co-Produced by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Baroque N Fiddle String Quartet

”Give Us A Step” Recorded, mixed, Mastered by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Ryan Cook

”Sun” Additional recording, mixing, mastering and co production by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP


”Dinosaur Digestion” Recorded, mixed, Mastered by Scott Ferguson at Studio FMP

Music Clients:

Myles Goodwyn April Wine Dean Brody
The Rankin Family The Rankin Sisters Ray Mattie
Dave Carroll Brigid Lisa Richard
Brooklyn Blackmore Jackie Putnam Wayne Nicholson
John Campbelljohn Terra Spencer Ashley MacIssac
Ryan Cook Denis Ryan Ian Sherwood
Jeri Brown Pogey Troy MacGillivray
Sons Of Maxwell Kendra MacGillivray Sabra Macgillivray
Charlie A’Court JD Clarke Chris Gill
Derek Caine Don Carroll Eileen Joyce
George Diamond Lana Grant Lisa Waites
Darrell Meyers Mandy Atkins Tony MacDonald
Nancy MacDougall Arielle Legere Jenny MacDonald
Shannon Quinn Tony Quinn Shannon Walsh
Sarah Hebert Ladies in Blue George Hebert
Audra Raulyns John Gracie Birch Mountain
Mickey Quase Dan Smith The Aviators
The Swell Guys Mark Cameron Steve Dooks
Leon MacLellan John Dalton John Chiasson
Remedy/Rain Kevin Ryan Gordon Tucker
Laura Watson Brad Tucker Peace Lutheran Church
Woodlawn United Church Sackville United Church Novelty Salesmen
Reason To Sing Antoinette Alcorn Bittersweet
Rachael Milne Rachael Maginley Treble Makers
Katrein Jason Brown Lester Atkinson
Beyond The Wreck The Trough Matty and The Pace
Six River  Melanie Breen Valerie Raymond
Do Re Me And Maria … and many more

Tv/Film, Muti media and Corporate Clients:

BBC Television Scottish Television
Bell Media Comedy Network (Picnic Face)
Ziji Films APTN (Theme to “The Candy Show”)
Curve Productions AUS
Videotron Government of Nova Scotia
Atlantic Jewish Council State of Wisconson EMS (podcast)
EHS Nova Scotia Immunovaccine Inc.
Tom Fizgerald ITC Canada
Canadian Masons Halifax Atlantic Investments
Wandlyn Inns Neptune Theatre
Spider Video Intrado
Creative Atlantic Corporate Communications
24-7 EMS Now AROTR Festival (Kentucky)
Paul LeDoux
Scott Ferguson
Owner, Senior Producer/Engineer
(902) 452-1479